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Different Love by Annie Riga

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Different Love (2018)

Annie Riga

35 x 50 cm | 13 x 19 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Meditation, Pattern, Detail, Nature

Original painting in acrylic on linen.

'Different Love' is an extremely intricate painting on high quality linen. 

"A portrait of a girl with a peaceful expression is surrounded by a dazzling coloured and patterned snake. Leaves and flowers are growing out of her face and a beetle is crawling on her skin, The subjects are suspended on a dark space filled with myriads of tiny particles. Although the girl has been taken over by nature, she is not afraid but rather she is willingly surrendering to its magic. The universal symbolism of snakes and beetles suggest the encounters of death and rebirth, transformation and immortality. The process of making the painting was highly intensive and required deep levels of concentration, thus it resembles the meditative journey contained within the subject of my painting. 

The girl however is not afraid, she is discovering th, that although looks human, has otherworldly qualities, an expression of knowledge and self assurance." 

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Annie Riga

Falmouth University graduate, Annie Riga, harmonises the content of the otherworld - a place rife with nature, glittering stars, and fierce magic… with a more grounded realistic worldview, to create enigmatic visions.

Take for example, ’Sometimes We Are Not Sleeping',  the deity-like subject of this piece finds themselves lost within an illuminous cosmos, though within this incomprehensible place, our subject begins to explore with composure and nobility.

Riga is intriguing for her use of the otherworld as a metaphor, but also her dazzling palette and unique mark-making.

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