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Desktop by Alexandra Baraitser

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Alexandra Baraitser

80 x 66 cm | 31 x 25 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Objects, Still Life, Interior, Domestic, Primary Colours, Contemporary Culture

Original painting in oil on canvas.

Essay by Eva Bensasson for the catalogue The Future Past March 2007 at Mark Jason Gallery: "Alexandra Baraitser's paintings pay homage to some of the greatest designs of the twentieth century. Visions of the future pertain to history, firmly rooted in the time-specific aspirations of the societies and cultures that create them. Yet the utopian dream that characterised twentieth century Modernism has left a vision so compelling that the revolutionary designs of the fifty years ago still inform the popular imagination today. Baraitser's paintings highlight the contradictions of the current condition of modern furniture, still denoting 'the new' while simultaneously acting as 'design classics'; embodying socialist thought while serving as symbols of social status. The relationship of painting to these subjects is itself highly relevant in Baraitser's work. Using paint she labours to represent the patina and tone of objects which were designed in order to be mass produced. Through her dedication to each painting she emphasises the fetishistic qualities that these objects have aquired. Baraitser's paintings are based on photographs, this imbues them with a quality at once slighlty distant and , through the human touch, particularly individual."

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