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Der Tod und das Mädchen by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Der Tod und das Mädchen (2016)

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

182 x 240 cm | 71 x 94 in

Subject: People
Tags: Mother And Child, Attachment, Childhood

Original painting in mixed media on linen.

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"This is the title piece from the body of work for my last solo show 'der Tod und das Mädchen/Death and the Maiden' which draws on the historical link between the young woman and mortality, and explores the interconnected nature of death, creation and a search for meaning. The models for this body of work are a mixture of women (and their children) I know, some of whom I chose because they have a vocation in creative professions such as music, art, make up and film; others I chose because they are mothers, and some, of course overlap. I was interested in their experiences relating to creating and mortality, and to see how they felt about their creative practice /motherhood and how these experiences provided them with meaning. This piece in particular looks at the mother daughter relationship. It shows the closeness between the two, and role the mother sometimes has to play, as an almost invisible supportive figure , allowing the child to take the centre stage, as well as a reflection on mortality. The child is the new generation, moving into the foreground as the image of the mother fades away. The image of the girl appealed to me as I felt her expression was so rich in all the complex emotions which come with a burgeoning awareness of a life to come. The use of Copper in this body of work has to do with it’s close association with the goddess Aphrodite/Venus in mythology and it’s resulting symbolic associations with feminine beauty and artistic creativity. It is one of the oldest metals in use across cultures and is considered to embody the nurturing aspect of women along with their youthfulness."

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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Fontaine-Wolf is an artist of great technical ability, tact and an instinct so sure and refined that her work can afford to be as much about what she leaves out as what she gives existence to in the final work. A fine balance between the extremes of the photo-realistic and the expressionist; polished fullness and the flatness of a blank canvas, the resulting paintings retain the rawness of a work that seems to have been born in front of you. This dialectic between the tamed and the wild finds its thematic echo in the notion of femininity and the expectations of beauty that Wolf presents and evaluates.

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