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Curtain Over a Staircase

Jude Mackay

89 x 150 cm | 32 x 55 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Steps, Translucent, Curtains, Lace, Evocative

Original painting in oil on canvas.

delivered to your door from £100.00

Jude Mackay

Mackay’s paintings depict domestic interior spaces, usually seen from a low viewpoint as if we are seeing the room as small children. The compositions are usually simple, with careful attention to detail, such as the pattern on a piece of lace or the effect of light on a tiled floor. Despite their mundane subject matter however, the paintings are often faintly unsettling; objects are sometimes arranged in an unusual configuration, and the scale of objects does not always match their surroundings. This gives an impression that the paintings are at a slight remove from the straightforward reality that they at first seem to depict.

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