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Cranes by Henry Merrick

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Cranes (2018)

Henry Merrick

220 x 132 cm | 86 x 51 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Water, Pier, Angles

Original mixed media painting in outdoor house paint, oils, marble dust and graphite on linen.

"This painting is from a photograph of the docks and I wanted to display some of main features presented. I worked into the background of the painting using an old paint pot and filling it with a mixture of paint. The texture provided to be interesting as some of the old drier paint came through onto the surface. Creating random marks of red and grey. Using marble dust and paint I created thicker layers of paint to describe some of the formal features in the docks like a ship and industrial materials. The headland was drawn on in graphite giving a more mysterious atmosphere and texture. The cranes then became the most pronounced feature as I used a couple of layers of paint mixed with marble dust. They become very physical objects and are an interesting contrast to the rest of the painting."

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