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Cosmic Outlook by Veronica Gudmundson

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Cosmic Outlook

Veronica Gudmundson

68 x 68 cm | 26 x 26 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Spectrum, Leaves, Magical, Vibrant, Space

Original painting in acylic and mineral pigments on canvas

"'Cosmic Outlook' is based on the idea that microcosm is mirroring the macrocosm, and the rhythms in the outer universe mirror the rhythms of the inner universe. Every atom of every element is manufactured inside stars and scattered across the universe. The particles in the universe are all endlessly recycled matter and become part of us. We are all interconnected. I always make everything by hand myself, from the wooden stretcher to preparing the raw fabric which I paint on. I also mix my own paints from mineral pigments in various solutions."

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