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Cloudy Cafetiere by David Iain Brown

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Cloudy Cafetiere (2018)

David Iain Brown

56 x 76 cm | 22 x 29 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Objects, Still Life, Floating, Line

Original mixed media drawing in ink on heavyweight paper.

A modern twist on still life I compose the image with objects that I extract from the world around me, bringing them back together in a manor that creates a unique narrative for each viewer who looks at the work. I wanted to create an energetic quality to the gestural brush strokes which I feel is captured in this piece and the others in the collection.

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David Iain Brown

David Iain Brown’s work is evocative of Germano Celant’s vision of Arte Povera and the idea of the artist as an individual devoted to the “self-projection of human activity”. His work involves a performative reflection on the creative process. Often using found objects from his own and other artists’ studios, he explores the artistic process, and in turn, the life of artists. Brown seemingly comments on artistic intention, through the use of reclaimed objects from other artists’ studios, and through a process of layering (and thus erasing) of his own work. This process of layering, simultaneously hides and reveals his artistic process through blankets of colour and intricate layers of line. Through this technique the work communicates a play between past and present. Brown’s eclectic use of material produces a dynamic and tactile aesthetic, exploring the depths, and indeed meaning, of artistic creation. 

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