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Cloud 9 (Scratchcard Painting #10) by Peter Evans

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Cloud 9 (Scratchcard Painting #10) (2018)

Peter Evans

80 x 90 cm | 31 x 35 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Remnants, Balance, Black And White, Shape

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

"These Scratchcard Paintings are a series of works that take the markings left on found, discarded scratchcards and present them as abstract paintings. After collecting losing scratchcards, I scan these and digitally alter the levels to be left with a monochrome pattern, which I then replicate through paintings. For me they represent the markings of despair, that moment when the hope of winning big turns to nothingness. They have taken various forms through the use of different surfaces and materials. Like a snowflake, you never see two scratchcards with the same markings.."

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