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Citrus Limon (Lemon) by Henry Yang

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Citrus Limon (Lemon) (2018)

Henry Yang

35 x 35 cm | 13 x 13 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Circle, Pattern, Lime Green

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"The arrangement of circles reference the tetrahedron, the simplest 3D tetrahedron, the only shape to have fewer than 5 faces. It is in essence the minimum effort required for nature and physics to create a 3D shape. 

This shape is found in nature in covalently bonded molecules (the sharing of electron between atoms) such as Methane of CH4, a primary constituent of Natural Gas (see additional reference image)."

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Henry Yang

Like a dreamy stained glass window, or a chord of rainbow scales...Henry Yang is an intrepid explorer, setting out to discover the ’code’ of the universe. He creates work that reflects the unseen mysteries of life: using sublime colours in synergy with clean-contoured geometry to create stunning representations of organic cells...

Yang uses a variety of sophisticated and effective tiling methods, which include: Penrose, Fibonacci, and 3-D referencing. One of his most intriguing pieces is ’Citrus Limon’ which takes its inspiration from an actual methane molecule; Yang transforms this molecule into an arrangement of opaline, lime-green, tetrahedrons. The art art itself seems to radiate light from within the canvas, truly spectacular.

Join Yang on his luminous exploration of the secret world of cells...

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