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Untitled by Gemma Petrie

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Untitled (2019)

Gemma Petrie

25 x 25 cm | 9 x 9 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Sea, Expressive, Abstract, Rocks, Organic

Original painting in mixed media on wood panel.

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Gemma Petrie

Plunge into the hidden world of Gemma Petrie. From mixed-media rock pools, abstract imaginings of forestry to fantastical, microcosmic organic pattern. Using near neon, saccharine bright colour (somewhat reminiscent of a pop-art palette), set against a deep black backdrop - Petrie calls upon both her memory and imagination to create stunningly original images seemingly floating somewhere in a cosmic field. Stitching together fragments from memory, together with observed pattern from natural ecosystems, her technique results in beautifully raw work, where a cacophony of shape and colour fascinate the eye in overlapping layers.


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