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Building Castles in the Air (2016)

Sudeshna Chattopadhyay

27 x 27 cm | 10 x 10 in

Subject: Animals
Tags: Fish, Orange, Flight, Pink, Whimsical, Fairy Tale, Joy, Pale Blue

Original painting in acrylic and nail varnish on circular board.

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Sudeshna Chattopadhyay

André Breton’s surrealist manifesto exclaimed, ‘Beloved imagination, what I most like in you is your unsparing quality’ and certainly, Chattopdhyay’s work celebrates artistic intuition and creativity. The paintings are both beautiful and exuberant in their depiction of striking, imaginative scenes. Impasto textures merge and swim with colour drenched patterns in a world as fantastical as it is captivating. Influences of the paintings quote from the artist’s own feelings and relationships to the world whilst the use of dream-like, surreal narratives drive focus and exaggerate the exchange between internal and external experience. Using unusual subject matter and intuitive methods of painting, Chattopadhyay’s work exudes an aesthetic excited by the glow of intangible notions.

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