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Build by Jo Hummel

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Jo Hummel

122 x 80 cm | 48 x 31 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Collage, Playful, Colour, Abstract

Original mixed media collage in acrylic, paper and wood on ply, 2014.

"'Build' was created in a series of painting collages commissioned by Aspex Gallery, portsmouth. The work explores our human motivation to achieve a sense of control and order through design, and the tensions which exist when this is brought into the realms of accident and chance. As in all my work the visual language harks towards a childish enjoyment of the act of 'making'. The colours, the cutting and pasting and placing, the shapes and symbols all nod towards the excitement and freedom felt when 'creating' as a child. The painting is set in a contemporary white glass frame."


Jo Hummel

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For Joanne Hummel-Newell, mark making and its deviation from cognitive processes can create a candid outcome. It is a particularly generous enterprise, as Hummell- Newell allows the space in her work for found artefacts, bearing the traces of another’s hand. An array of references, a near synaesthesiac grasp on the world and a multitude of conceptual interests cohere in these elegant and minimalist compositions brimming with energy.

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