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Brew With a View by Ella Squirrell

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Brew With a View (2019)

Ella Squirrell

40 x 60 cm | 15 x 23 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Still Life, Window, Semi-Abstract

Original painting in oil on canvas.

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Ella Squirrell

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We love stories. A deep seated love of stories is the reason you’ve still got that book on your shelf, even though pages 36 and 37 have been glued together with jam for some time. We people just love a good story. Ella Squirrell has mastered the unique talent of telling a real and visual story by using oils as her creative vessel. 

Potentially, one of the most touching pieces of Squirrell’s is, Boy With Hat. The piece features a young man reclining in the outdoors and in his lap there appears to be a young woman resting her head. The artist has caught the bewitchingly tender moment that the young man trails his fingertips over the girls face. Maybe he’s brushing the hair out of her eyes; maybe he is so enchanted with her he is just touching her to be sure that she is indeed real; or maybe she just had an enormous wasp on her cheek, who knows? It is up to the interpretation of the viewer, and that’s what makes this painting so brilliant. Squirrell has captured a seemingly ordinary moment, and created a crescendo, a mystery, a tantalising emotion…a story. 

Squirrell’s style can be likened to that of Matisse’s own painting style - where the paint is applied in that soft, fluid motion. It’s this suggestion of movement which is vital to Squirrell’s work - which is almost like theatre in oils. 

Happening upon Ella Squirrell’s artwork is a delightful experience, and not one you’ll want to miss.

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