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Body Without Organs I by Malin Cederlund

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Body Without Organs I (2020)

Malin Cederlund

30 x 20 cm | 11 x 7 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Surreal, Forest, Nature, Wood, Semi-Abstract

Original drawing in pencil on paper.

Materials used: Pencil on paper

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Malin Cederlund

Malin Cederlund appears to share a fascination that possessed the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement: what exactly is the relationship between humans and nature? The Pre-Raphaelite’s imagined romantic dryads – humanesque creatures who shared their bodies with the trees - years later, Cederlund portrays a different story… 

Experimenting with mark making, Cederlund crafts surreal landscapes, her technique reminiscent of Peter Doig’s Ten Etchings. Instead of shining a spotlight on where humanity fits within nature, Cederlund uncovers a rawness, an unkempt state of wildness; she appears to answer an unspoken question: that humanity comes as an afterthought. We see the humans in her work only in the twist of a tree branch that resembles a wrist, or a softly etched trunk that reflects a woman’s torso. 


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