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#blessed (2016)

Rachael Eden

76 x 102 cm | 28 x 37 in

Subject: People
Tags: Steps, Red, Yellow, Attachment, Ladder

Original painting in oil and acrylic on canvas.

"This piece is inspired by both the sotry of an alien encounter and a scene from 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia'."

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Rachael Eden

Rachael Eden has a keen sense of materiality which she uses to her advantage to produce bold, multidimensional works of art. Utopian scenes and science fiction influences are prominent subjects. Lavish brush strokes and vibrant use of colour play together to create striking, sanguine dispositions. The juxtaposing of everyday imagery and extra-terrestrial promote the unusual and arresting impact of Eden’s artistic endeavour. The possibilities available in these surrealist images are incredibly gripping. The work provokes a sense of narrative whilst continuing to mystify. 

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