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Beijing Mountain Glow by Sara Willett

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Beijing Mountain Glow (2017)

Sara Willett

122 x 61 cm | 48 x 24 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Mountains, Red, Black , Pattern, Line, Repetition

Original painting in ink and watercolor on paper - sold framed.

"The weeks I spent in an old industrial area of Beijing on a recent residency presented me with days of blue-skied autumnal beauty, but also days of heavy pollution when the city was bathed in crepuscular gloom. I became interested in the quality of light on these days; especially when the sun’s rays struggled to break through the mists and at night when the air became a neon infused haze. The work began to respond to this visual phenomenon. A trip to the mountains near the Great Wall, north of Being, provided the inspiration for the series, 'the grimy softness', The fog of the city had stretched as far as the mountains, which were partially obscured by the shimmering mists, creating stratum of hypnotic and unsettblackling beauty."

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Sara Willett

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Willett’s paintings are visually mesmerizing, tonal paintings that emerge from what seems like an endearing and hopeful obsessive compulsion – a visual ambiguity is manifest. The finished effect is like watching continually moving shoals of fish or swarming insects. Sara Willett’s paintings are held in collections in the UK and throughout the world, and her work has been featured in A-N magazine. 

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