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Baby Blue by Alice Dyba

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Baby Blue (2016)

Alice Dyba

46 x 60 cm | 18 x 23 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Eyes, Enigmatic, Wig

Original painting in oil on canvas.


Alice Dyba

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It's not pretty in the traditional sense, but Alice Dyba's style aptly reflects her portrayal of humanity in the gutter. The characters she paints are obnoxious, mad, full of energy; it's infectious,  their mania unhinges the environments they inhabit, and the world becomes a malignant drunken blur. “Are we having fun yet?” whispers the devil on your shoulder.

Painting with nostalgic cynicism, Dyba assumes a similar role to contemporary artist Antony Micallef: the filth and the fury combine in a modern critique of humanity.

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