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Alvar Reisner

43 x 53 cm | 15 x 19 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Masculine, Feminine, Powerful, Strong, Red Lips

Original painting in oil on cardboard, 2015.

Sold framed with glass.

"This is from series where I want to study perfect but minimal contrast, where little movements in colours can be seen."

delivered to your door from £15.00

Alvar Reisner

Simple statements mark the titles of the work of Alvar Reisner, an Estonian artist whose paintings appear both simplistic yet complexly illuminating, through the delicate renderings of occurrences of the everyday. While Reisner works with acrylic, the medium is applied water laden, leaking into the canvas, resulting in a dove grey translucence that soaks into the subjects and makes the work appear as part of the artists subconscious. The simpler his compositions appear, paradoxically, the more hidden meaning seems to be revealed.

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