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Angela Merkel by Samantha Wilson

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Angela Merkel (2018)

Samantha Wilson

70 x 100 cm | 27 x 39 in

Subject: People
Tags: Charcoal, Portrait, Red, Watercolour, Semi-Abstract

Original drawing in mixed media on paper.

Original mixed media portrait in ink, charcoal and powder pigment on paper.

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Samantha Wilson

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The communication between viewer and artwork, or self and other, are vast in the case of Samantha Wilson’s work. Our attention is immediately caught in the punctuating forms that loom over us with an engaging presence. Large scale figures and bodily forms rendered in charcoal and ink stare out in uncompromising and stark confrontation. Wilson chooses pastel shades and ominous pinks against the shadowy, smoky contrast of charcoal to draw beautiful yet provocative reflections of individual characters. The often withdrawn expressions and vacant faces lend a mysterious and somewhat isolated mask to each figure, begging questions of identity and the societal discord of otherness. Each figure is cloaked in darkened shapes contrasted against softened edges, which lure unsettling feelings. This, in turn, exposes the diverse interpretations and arousing subjectivity obtainable through each piece.

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