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A Working Man by Henry Merrick

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A Working Man (2018)

Henry Merrick

132 x 132 cm | 51 x 51 in

Subject: Abstract

Original mixed media painting in varnish, marble dust, outdoor paint, oils, pencil, pastel and fabric on canvas.

"This large painting is derived from a photograph I took of a lone workman on the high street. His stance was an interesting pose and there were many materials present he was working with. I had a go of mixing a tub of outdoor wood varnish with marble dust and spreading it onto the canvas. It dries very fast and you can quickly see the layers of texture it creates. The colour of the varnish was a chestnut colour but many tones are seen on the background surface. Once I got a strong thick layer from this process, I started to work on the general shapes of features with a graphite pencil. Then working into the shapes and definitions with oils and outdoor paint. I wanted the atmosphere to be quite moody and imposing from the dark and earthy tones. Also there were lots of hard materials like metal and stone described in the photograph. The marble dust created very textured marks and you can see in some areas the paint and mixture exploding out of the surface. Making the physicality of the materials become alive and present."

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