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A Distant Foreground by Joanna Owst

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A Distant Foreground

Joanna Owst

48 x 40 cm | 18 x 15 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Clouds, Yellow, Floating, Grey, Field

Original painting in oil on canvas.

delivered to your door from £30.00

Joanna Owst

Joanna Owst’s paintings are confrontational explorations of self and place. Influenced by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Owst paints imagery, which suggests that in order to see the environment and the world in which we live – we must first break with familiarity. Indeed, her images of landscapes become abstracted by invasions of loud, explosive, blocks of paint pasted atop of and obscuring the familiar view of hilltops and terrain. These marbled, misshapen painted moments seem to reference explosions and beg the question as to whether the experience of the painting should evoke a similarly explosive in-ward looking experience - with colour and form intercepting each other and causing mayhem on the canvas to create a memorable, curious, and evocative aesthetic.

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