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48°22'02.9"N 24°29'47.9"E by Glib Franko

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48°22'02.9"N 24°29'47.9"E (2018)

Glib Franko

150 x 164 cm | 59 x 64 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Geometry, Gold, Pattern, Black And White, Sacred Geometry

Original mixed media painting in ink on paper.

Original painting in ink, acrylic and gilding on paper.

"Antipodes, balance, walk on the golden line" , this project is a self-exploring, an experiment accompanied by a technological specificity of the material. In this way, I'm talking about the balance of values, a certain "golden" way.  Inspired by the wanderings, it is an abstract vision of a particular location. The names of works, in fact, are not random numbers, but the geographical latitude and longitude of the place where the work was created. I experiment with the material, observe the process, in the process I can apply several layers of paint, fold, unfold, tear, reflect until I get the desired result. I love when the environment interferes with the process, rain, wind, it creates unexpected effects. The abstract background is combined with distinct minimalist geometric gold and silver shapes to create contrast and a definite dialogue of opposites, something in parallel with the existing one."

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Glib Franko

Glib Franko’s work is dominated by his use of colour. Somewhat reminiscent of impressionist style - a style known for capturing the emotional essence of a place or thing, these paintings capture an experience. The work exudes a sense of understanding, of having reached out for that essence of something to bring out in the work.. We can feel the warmth of the sun on Franko’s painted cloud; the depth of the blue sky is tangible. The Roses are like a walk through a garden as the sun starts to set, the fresh clean air and aromatic fragrance of flowers, lifting through the late afternoon air. The harmonic colour palette of lilacs,  soft greens and blushing pinks re-creates a moment in time, his work is encapsulating.

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