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18th September by Reka Barcza

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18th September (2019)

Reka Barcza

56 x 97 cm | 22 x 38 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Surreal, Naked, Dream, Earth Colours, Haunting, Anthropomorphic

Original painting in oil on board.

delivered to your door from £40.00

Reka Barcza

Réka Barcza’s work is profoundly autobiographical: on the canvas she explores her emotional and psychological state, recalling personal memories as well as dreams. Inspired by folklore and myths, her metaphorical creatures tell new tales with feminist tones on the language of universal symbolism; they narrate the accounts of the invisible soul, which always connects to the visible, physical body. As a result, her current painting practice focuses on the exploration of the relationship between the invisible and the visible.

In her performative rituals, she examines gender-related issues such as power and equality and how the emotions, for instance, fear of death, anxiety, sorrow or love, leave imprints on the vulnerable human body.

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