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16.9 (2016)

Andreas Soldini

80 x 120 cm | 29 x 44 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Black , Rich, Curve, Texture

Original painting in oil on canvas.

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Andreas Soldini

Andreas Soldini's work is technically brilliant - he constructs each irregularly sized stretcher frame by hand and even makes his own oil paint. Where such rigour could create contrived work, the opposite is true here as serendipity and the chance play of light interrupt and inform the process. These works contain a distilled beauty, a purity, bringing to mind shifting glaciers and black Ad Reinhardt abstracts. His work is inspired by the female form, notions of desire and the colours seen through closed eyelids. His sensual brushstrokes create a surface on which light can play and move and whilst the shapes of the canvas retain the memory of geometry, their curves and angles are slightly unexpected. A recent graduate, Soldini is already gaining recognition having been longlisted for the the Griffin Art Prize 2014.


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