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Ziyun Zhang

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Degree: University of The Arts London
Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement

The main media of my work is painting. I am interested in painting human feature. The inspiration for my painting comes from my understanding and reflection on people's psychological subconscious, relationship and the identity and otherness of people. Our psychological reflection could either impact or control people’s behaviour, movements unconsciously. I immersed in the exploration of them. I believed that for the understanding and expression of this abstract perspective through seeking different painting compositions, subjects and materials. I acquired a lot of surprises and found the unexpected in this process. However, the way of the painting appears slightly unitary for the representation of abstract thoughts, in a qualified sense, which even could be understood as a restrictedly ideological illustration from audiences' view. As this result, I intended to integrate painting with installation in which the abstractness could be weakened. In my recent work, I keep on experimenting to enhance the expression of my concept assisted by the literal installation.I expect that the abstract concept is unambiguously illustrated and closer to a concise visualization, as much as possible, in order to abandon the complex interpretation which is implied in the artwork.

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By Ziyun Zhang


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By Ziyun Zhang