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Vin Førde

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Degree: MA Fine Art
University: Aberystwyth
Graduation Year: 2017

New Blood Art Statement

Inspired by Hubble space photography, the paintings of Vin Førde echo the same coiling, scattered, and explosive colour of deep space. However, there is a neatness of pattern whereby complex pleats of colour collapse into each other and within these patterns a harmonic structural presence emerges - not unlike music. The paintings are best understood through the artist's methods, Førde, being synergistic, composes his paintings like he composes music, and like Vasily Kandinsky, uses abstracted forms to create melodic compositions. The swishing sounds of yellow and the shriek of red are calmed with the soothing beat of purple which swims across the surface like the stretching clouds of a supernova. The resulting imagery generates vibrant sound through the reverberation of colour and lilting composition. 

Artist Statement

I am an abstract fine artist who has developed a style of painting that combines technical devices from several artistic traditions. I use very fine needles and brushes to create intricate compositions. My artwork is informed by subjects such as quantum physics, Hubble space telegraphy, paranormal science, esoteric mysticism and Nordic art. These sources are made manifest through the complex detail that comprises my artwork. The result is dense webs of saturated calligraphic surfaces, each alike yet, simultaneously, distinct. In addition, I am also a multi-instrumentalist composer and have developed a new style of music named PSEM (Progressive Symphonic Electronica Metal). My painting and musical practices are closely linked as I am synergistic, and experience light and sound as being synonymous. I am currently studying a full time Master's degree in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, Wales.


Solo Exhibitions

2014, Solo Exhibition, Boston Tea Party, Exeter

2013, Solo Exhibition, John Young Gallery, Museum of Dartmoor Life

2011, Grapevine wine bar

Group Exhibitions

2017, Bay Gallery, Aberystwyth

2017, Oriel Y Bont, Aberystwyth

2017, Aberystwyth University MA degree show

2017, Old College, Aberystwyth

2016, Aberystwyth University BA (hons) degree show,

2016, Old College, Aberystwyth

2015, Old College, Aberystwyth

2015, Bay Gallery, Aberystwyth

2015, RAG Charity Exhibition, Aberystwyth

2015, Bay Gallery, Aberystwyth

2015, Scope Art Miami, Miami Beach

2015, The Pavillion, exhibition 2/2, Okehampton

2014, Phoneix Arts Center, Exeter

2013, Okehampton Art Festival

2013, The Pavillion Summer/Autumn Exhibition, Okehampton

2012, Avocet Gallery, Exmouth
2012, West Hill Annual Exhibition, Devon

2012, Keetch Gallery, Exmouth

2012, Regional full South West Exhibition, Western Super Mare

2012, Exmouth Contemporary, Aspects

2011, Swordfish Gallery, Exmouth, Devon

2011, Exmouth Contemporary Exhibition

2011, East Devon Art Academy, Sidmouth Devon
2011, Exmouth Contemporary Winter Exhibition, Aspects
2010, Swordfish Gallery, Exmouth, Devon

Original works:

Soul Transfer 1

By Vin Førde


Soul Transfer 2

By Vin Førde


Soul Transfer 3

By Vin Førde


Soul Transfer 4

By Vin Førde


Soul Transfer 5

By Vin Førde


Soul Transfer 8

By Vin Førde


The Five Elements

By Vin Førde


Hues of Delicacy

By Vin Førde


Echoes of Sound

By Vin Førde


Echoes of Sound: Canals of Atl...

By Vin Førde


Sold Artworks:

Golden Magma

By Vin Førde