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Sean Winn

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Degree: MFA Fine Art
University: Wimbledon College of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Chords of fairy lights illuminate the path to Sean Winn’s gloriously original visions of love and attachment. From a technical point of view he investigates the colours and shapes that emerge when fairy lights are wound around a body in an otherwise dark space - with a wonderful sense of temperature, mood, and thought-provoking overtones. He captures the light and afterglow so effectively - you will perhaps be reminded of the magic of bioluminescence and auroral skies. 

Winn’s sensational palette and technique are used to mesmeric effect and partnered sensationally with his unique vision and imagery. - altogether his own.. his work is a rare find indeed.

Artist Statement

As a Fine Artist who takes interest in the human mind, and the extraterrestrial existence that is beyond our imagination and understanding, I have lingering questions about our reality. These said questions guide me in creating a way to help understand the ideology of life, relationships, mental health, and what would be considered a safe place to help distance myself and others, from first world societal norms. Realistic and abstracted paintings, and sculptural installations has helped me figure out my self-purpose, build intimate relationships with those around me, and start a conversation about mental health and what it means to us as a human race.    

In my compositions and installations, I use figures and spaces that dramatize the everyday inner emotions, that we, as human beings try to keep hidden behind closed doors or within a private setting. The sad truth is that we don’t want others to know that throughout our lives, at one time or another, we have questioned our true existence, searched for what our purpose is in this world and have a yearning to be wanted or loved by others. 

As empathetic human beings, we tend to forget to incorporate self-love in our daily lives and to put ourselves first in an effort to make our goals and aspirations a reality. We all struggle with societal norms and get tangled within our thoughts of putting others before ourselves. We need to figure out what will bring our short-lived lives purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. These daily battles within our inner most deep thoughts, can bring upon mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

I have found that my style has a profound effect on others who also question their personal reality and the daily battles they face with this concept of identity and mental health. 

Original works:

Lying Next to You

By Sean Winn


Do You Even Love Me?

By Sean Winn


Slowly Becoming One with the U...

By Sean Winn


Can’t Sleep Without You

By Sean Winn


Sold Artworks:

Never the Right Time

By Sean Winn