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Ruth Watkinson

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth University
Graduation Year: 2017

Artist Statement

A lifelong preoccupation with light and landscape has led me to work between representational painting and photography. It is a rendering of contemporary moments, depicting not just sights but experiences. It seeks to renew our sense of wonder in the face of the everyday. Through the unpredictable quality of paint and its allusion to touch, image becomes emotional space. This space is yours to occupy. I am fascinated by the way a single image can generate a wealth of disparate response. Ambiguity in the work leaves room for the individual’s imagination to interact with the painting. Our lives are permeated by images and we respond to them as language. As Huw Evans describes, the language of art is about 'communicating emotional charge, the power of emotion which can then be experienced by another person'. This is what I desire to convey through my use of imagery and paint. A theme of immersion in the landscape is present: the sensations of wading in cold water or clambering over rocks; the long exhale of breath as we behold the ocean or the sense of solace we find surrounded by an infinity of trees. Tracing our movements between indoors and out. Returning to subjects of light and water, and to us, as elements of the figure appear in glimpses. Documenting what it is to feel, to have skin and to be.

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By Ruth Watkinson



By Ruth Watkinson


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Eucalyptus Ultramarine

By Ruth Watkinson