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Robin French

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth
Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement

For me, painting and drawing are a way of processing life. I use art as a tool to connect to my own experience, helping me to understand myself and my daily interactions. I paint what really matters to me. The pictures work almost like a stream of consciousness, each image becoming a room of the mind. Paradoxically perhaps, I strive towards egolessness. I want the pictures to remain open and free. Photographic reference engages the past, however the transformation into paint allows an existential freedom. Because my pictures are not from a single perspective -an illusion of reality, they encourage the viewer to enter the negative spaces untethered from the authority of the maker.

Original works:


By Robin French


Spring Garden

By Robin French


Warschauer Strasse Starlings

By Robin French


Sleeping Dog

By Robin French


Banana Leaves, Before October ...

By Robin French