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Pauline Zenk

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University: Visual Artist/Muthesius Kunstakademie
Graduation Year: 2013

Artist Statement

I paint and draw in order to transmit sometimes complicated emotions to another person. I feel that painting is still a very powerful art form. I think that there is a unique intensity transported by a human made image and to the knowledge that an image has been created solely by hand. I also believe, that you never really look at a painting without secretly thinking of all the paintings you have seen and know from art history. I am trying to work with this idea of the art canon, the images of paintings and art works that you are having in the back of your mind. By doing so I am also trying to break free from this canon and invent new forms of pictorial depiction in the camp of painting. In our global and digital world painting might seem outdated, but I see exactly in this history of painting as being the oldest visual depiction art form chances and possibilities to express and investigate modern ways of seeing as provided by contemporary media and technologies. In our digital world today, we have the privilege and weight of the largest image data base and search engines. In my work I heavily rely on our ‘collective database’ of imagery, and on familiarity with certain iconic images and standard photographs. Memory, migration and (cultural) identity are one of my central themes. Working with a collection of found photographs showing moments of other people’s lives I try to re-liven the feeling portrayed in these moments and memories by translating the image into a painting. I am very interested in how memories shape our personalities and make us who we are. In that way I do not paint portraits but use the human figure as a metaphors for feelings and moments we all share.


Solo Exhibitions 

2016, "No Time to Pretend" Whart Galerie, Toulouse, France
2016, "Questo non è un Ritratto" Galleria Satura, Genova, Italy
2015,  “Déjà Vu”, City Hall of Roquettes, France
2015, “Memoria Migratória”, Fundação Cultural BADESC - Florianópolis, Brazil
2014, Memoria Lucida”, Museo Historico de Santa Catarina - Florianópolis, Brazil
2014, “Carnaval”, Centro Cultural Ponto d'Arte - Florianópolis, Brazil
2013 “#MarcoZero”, Estudio Lamina - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012, “Offener Tag des Ateliers”, Kiel, Germany 

Group Exhibitions

2017 "Grand Prix d'art Contemporain d'Occitanie"
2016 “Dans tes Rêves” ­Faites de l'Image @ collective Les Videophages, Jardin du Museum Borderouge , Toulouse
2016, "La Sensibilité des Ombres" @ L'Abbaye de Léhon - Les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc, Dinan (Bretagne), France
2016, "Week-end de l'Art Contemporain Pinkpong” Centre d'Art Contemporain BBB, Toulouse, France
2016, "Rendez-vous à Saint Briac - Parcours d'Art Contemporain", Saint-Briac sur Mer (Bretagne), France
2016, "Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers" Les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc, Corseul (Bretagne), France
2016, "Vernissage Revue Multiprise N. 31 , RESSAC" Ateliers TA et IPN, Toulouse, France
2016, "Topographies Solaires" Whart Galerie, Toulouse, France
2016,  Whart Galerie - Toulouse, France
2015, “SaturArte 2015”, Satura Art Gallery - Genova, Italy
2014 “Da Feitura dos sonhos”, Ventana Galeria - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2014, “Fragmented Narration III”, Centro Cultural Casa Tres Patios, Medellin, Colombia.
2014, "Ilha Iconica", Cor Galeria - Florianópolis, Brazil
2014, “Fragmented Narration II”
2014, “Fragmented Narration I”, Estudio Lamina - São Paulo, Brazil
2014, “Gabinete de Curiosidades”, Cor Galeria - Florianópolis, Brazil
2014, “Um die Ecke gedacht”, Kieler Kunstlauf - Kiel, Germany.
2013, “Criançando”, Cor Galleria - Florianópolis, Brazil
2013, "50 Dibujantes", Taller 7 - Medellín, Colombia
2012 "Cali Clinic", Lugar a Dudas - Cali, Colombia.
2012, "Lo que sea", La Tienda Gallery - Medellin, Colombia
2012, “7 Artistas en Residencia”, Taller 7 - Medellin, Colombia
2010, "Punch", Schijnheilig Gallery, Amsterdam
2010, “Einblick , Ausblick”, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel, Germany
2007, "Das Maschinenhaus", Alte Fachhochschule, Kiel, Germany
2006, “Einblick , Ausblick”, Kiel, Germany


Original works:

Girl Scratching Her Back

By Pauline Zenk


A Macbeth Moment

By Pauline Zenk


Micky Mouse Marcos

By Pauline Zenk


Sold Artworks:

Dirty Tricks

By Pauline Zenk


The Importance of Being Earnes...

By Pauline Zenk


Der Schwarzseher

By Pauline Zenk