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Manon Fleur Dowse

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth University
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

A sublime interaction of anatomy, connotation, and colour, flourishes to life in the dreamlike canvases of Manon Fleur Dowse. With works that appear to delineate an achingly tender soul, the viewer can expect a blossoming of creatures and conversations. Upon her journey to capture the fragility of humankind, Dowse’s style appears to have been influenced heavily by Paul Gauguin; and their technique seems to share a simply wonderful kinship. 

A particularly striking feature of Dowse’s works are the colours with which she captures her subject: reds, browns, olives, and charcoals. The decision to keep her pallet natural perhaps has its roots in the theme of her work: the human soul. Dowse’s soft and orbicular paintings offer up a commentary of the human-psyche, seeking to illuminate emotional states of being such as: loss, affection, attachment, and absence. A natural palette for a natural state of being.

Artist Statement

These paintings enquire into the polemics of human relationships. Centred on the figures itself they intend to stretch into the beyond of human emotions such as, Love and Hate, Honesty and Deceit, Desire and Indifference. The distortion and reconfiguration of the bodily form ignites a sense of monstrosity alongside the familiar, perhaps even friendly, creating a poetical drama for the expression of feelings and ideas. The exposure of such vulnerabilities in these works are in many ways articulating an internal faculty, which ultimately drives the paint to canvas. These works are intuitive explorations that manifest and emerge from my visual sensibilities, and in doing so I seek to create highly personal visualisations that elicit meaning capable of profoundly touching and resonating with the viewer. 

Group Exhibitions

2020, FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London
2019, Falmouth Fine Art showcase, 49 Staffordshire St, Peckham, London
2019, BA Fine Art Final Degree Show, Woodlane Campus, Falmouth, Cornwall
2018, Residency: Open Studio/Exhibition, Studio 15, CAST, Helston, Cornwall
2018, GRL: Women's Empowerment Exhibition, Small Ships, Falmouth, Cornwall
2018, Tristian and Iseult, Fish Factory Arts, Penryn, Cornwall
2018, 2nd Year Fine Art showcase, The Poly, Falmouth, Cornwall
2018, Mixed Arts Festival, Langaland, Devon
2018, Mixed Arts Festival, The Thrown Gauntlet Festival, Falmouth, Cornwall

Competitions, Prizes & Awards

2017, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Scholarship
2018, CAST Residency Award
2019, Back Lane West Residency Award
2020, FBA Futures People's Choice Award

Original works:

Time Taking

By Manon Fleur Dowse


Hollow Embrace

By Manon Fleur Dowse


Halla Wallah

By Manon Fleur Dowse


Snarl n Tug

By Manon Fleur Dowse


Memories of a Soporific Mind

By Manon Fleur Dowse