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Léopoldine Roux

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Degree: MA Fine Art
Graduation Year: 2003

New Blood Art Statement

There were rose tinted glasses and now we have Leopoldine Roux’s rainbow coloured spectacles, re-creating a previously grey world in glorious technicolour. Roux isn’t just an artist, she is an agent forging postcard-sized windows into a world of daydreams and whimsy. Using greyscale vintage postcards as her canvas, Roux applies vivid lacquer colours to change the dynamic of the original scene and make it wholly more theatrical. Most importantly, Leopoldine Roux seems to harbour a wonderful playfulness and sense of humour...


Artist Statement

I want to work around the idea that abstract painting has its own way of being physical. The minimalist statement What you see is all there is - gives the possibility to explore relations and tensions between forms, colours, time and space without referring to images. Sometimes I just let it go and I am happy with new colors, materiality and temporality. What I really want is to conceal the surface, to break down the status quo, to find a sensitive way to explore abstraction and to discover new ways of painting.

Solo Exhibitions

2019, Brussels Beirut, the living colors, Alice Mogabgab gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2018, Living Colors, Palace Hotel de Crillon, Paris a Rosewood Hotel
2017, From Brussels with Love, Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium
2017, The dream pearl, 100 children wishes hidden in a 20 meters necklace,, Docks Bruxsel, Brussel, Belgium
2015, Pink Escape, Alice Mogabgab gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2015, Award prize Emma Cayla-Martin, from the Académie Royale des Arts de Belgique,, Brussels, Belgium
2014, Paintings, Lucien Schweitzer Gallery, Luxemburg
2014, Cosmic Trip, Coöperatieve KultuurHuis, Hasselt, Belgium

Group Exhibitions

2015, The Rose fountains, Espace d'art contemporain, Bourg en Bresse, France

Competitions, Prizes & Awards

2015, Award from the Académie Royale des Arts de Belgique, prize Emma Cayla-Martin, Belgium
2014, Laureat 101% culturel, Galaxie Cité, Woluwe, Belgium
2013, 1st prize, Commission des Arts de Wallonie, project United colors, Montignies sur Sambre, Belgium
2012, 1st Prize International Biennal of Visuals Arts in Hospital, ENSBA Paris

Original works:

From Jérusalem with Love

By Léopoldine Roux


From Vietnam with Love

By Léopoldine Roux


From Ceylan with Love

By Léopoldine Roux


From Japan with Love

By Léopoldine Roux