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Laura Tillotson

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Degree: Fine Art Painting
University: Wimbledon College of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement

Through my art practice I long to express the importance of Art in its many forms to educate the public, especially with regards to what is being lost, through climate change and increasing population. Alluring to a darkness and aftermath in my paintings and installations, where an almost post-apocalyptic eeriness occurs.
I want to consider whether the countryside, landscape and green spaces are deemed important to the general public and if their disappearance would change the quality of life. My most recent painting interest is exploring how adolescents behave in the landscape, – the unabashed enjoyment of infancy, through the ambivalence of youth to the pragmatism of adulthood. 

Group Exhibitions

2019, For Love or Money, Copeland Gallery, London
2018, Phantasmagoria X, The Flying Dutchman, London

Original works:

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