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Kitty Gordon

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Degree: BA Contemporary Art Practice
University: Gray's School of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Kitty Gordon ventures through a hypnogogic and rainbow-like palette; boldly communicating her feelings about the female identity.

Using both theological and mythological motifs, Kitty reflects a: ’personal narrative of psychological and ephemeral existences.’ For example: ’Her Ego is an Illusion, ’ features a woman painted an igneous crimson colour, and from her scalp twist two gnarled horns. This redness and these horns, conjure up a portrait of a contemporary devil or evildoer and all the horned anthropomorphic figure has come to represent.  

Perhaps Kitty has drawn inspiration from Odilon Redon, a French symbolic painter. Redon’s work also reflects theology and mythology whilst employing a dreamy, and speculative palette, the likes of which we see repeated in Kitty Gordon’s work: women with ruddy faces; violet skies; blue bouquets... 

Her likeness to Odilon Redon, and her thought-provoking motifs make Gordon an interesting find indeed.

Artist Statement

My work is concerned with feminine identity. Through my work I express a personal narrative of psychological and ephemeral existences, It is through feelings and emotions that I have conveyed the divine female in dream like states of query and pose. Through research and experimentation, I have explored painterly gestures, combining illustrative figures, Interior and Exterior and using colour to define mood and a state of mind.    

Original works:

Figure Dreaming in a Room

By Kitty Gordon


Broken Halo, Eyes Blindly Walk...

By Kitty Gordon


Self Portrait in Blue

By Kitty Gordon


Sold Artworks:

Behind the Flowers

By Kitty Gordon


Her Ego is an Illusion

By Kitty Gordon