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Judy Pilarczyk

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Degree: Painting
University: MA Academy of Fine Art Poland
Graduation Year: 2012

New Blood Art Statement

Immerse yourself in the intimacy of the human form. Judy Pilarczyk renders this series of stunningly sensitive depictions of the human physique and psyche…

Choosing to capture her subjects in monochrome, Pilarczyk portrays the harmony held between the body and the spirit. This connection is vital, particularly as Pilarczyk comments that her paintings hope to question: ’ intimacy as a form of self-love…’. A wonderfully tender and emotionally-attuned emerging artist.

Artist Statement

My practice is focused on figurative painting and drawing where the human being is the main subject. I have always been interested in painting people as it’s the most complex and absorbing theme; I am fascinated by our mental and emotional state, philosophy, thinking, love etc 

My current paintings question intimacy as a form of self-love:

How intimate do we get with ourselves, how affectionate do we become? How much do we understand ourselves, our needs and dreams?

How remote do we become when we feel lonely? How much do we love who we are when we go through difficult times?

Do we realise that no one can make us happy if we are not happy with ourselves?

I am not interested in myself as a subject for painting but I am someone who I’ve gotten to know better than anyone else therefore my paintings are very often self-portraits. Choosing monochrome adds more harmony and intimate feelings to my artworks

Solo Exhibitions

2019, Artist in Residence, AIRY, Kofu, Japan

Group Exhibitions

2018, Portrait, Art Number 23, London
2018, Open Studios, Collage of Arts, London
2018, Angel-charity auction, Collage of Arts (Karamel), London
2018, post open air painting exhibition, Museum of Wielun, Poland
2018, Parallax Art Fair, Parallax, London
2017, post open air painting exhibition, Museum of Wielun, Poland

Competitions, Prizes & Awards

2019, Artist in Residence AIRY Japan
2018, Artist in Residence Switzerland

Original works:


By Judy Pilarczyk



By Judy Pilarczyk


Alex's hands

By Judy Pilarczyk



By Judy Pilarczyk



By Judy Pilarczyk



By Judy Pilarczyk



By Judy Pilarczyk


Sold Artworks:


By Judy Pilarczyk