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Joe Henry

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Degree: BA Fine Art Painting
University: University of Brighton
Graduation Year: 2019

Artist Statement

My practise focuses on the materiality of painting, working and over working the surface of the canvas to create a balance and harmony through the colours I present. Through minimalist features, consistent of framing devices and the square I try to push the boundaries of 'flatness' whilst presenting depth in the works. As the works consist of hundreds of layers but remain flat, oppositions play a key role in the works as they appear erratic yet ordered, playful yet serious, minimal yet overwhelming. This same dialemia is considered when referring to context within the works, minimalism and geometric abstraction has a history of deviating away from context and meaning. However my work takes inspiration and makes a variety of ties to general or art history, video games, comic books and technology which is often enforced through the presentation in the work or insinuated in the works name. 

Group Exhibitions

2019, Big appetite, Coachwerks, Brighton
2019, Degree show, Grand parade gallery, Brighton
2019, Free range, Truman brewery, London
2018, Conjecture, Grand parade gallery, Brighton

Original works:


By Joe Henry



By Joe Henry



By Joe Henry



By Joe Henry


Ode to the boogiewoogie/ robot...

By Joe Henry