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Jessica Copping

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University: Glasgow School Of Art
Graduation Year: 2016

Artist Statement

More than ever we are at a point in human history where we are able to glimpse into the future and understand the impact of our actions. My work studies this impact through the psychological and physical effects of the current epoch of geological time, the Anthropocene, which is defined by humanity's long-term impact on the strata record through our powerful influence on the environments, climate and ecology of the planet. I seek to examine my own unease in the face of this growing destruction and examine the forms of apathy directed towards the Earth. My recent work articulates a post-cataclysmic worldview that combines humanities fading presence with enduring elements from nature to question how long man will live in respect to deep time, in order to comment on the culpability of our actions against the environment for humans now and humans to come. The work asks if we are in a period of time where humanity has caused long-term damage to the Earth what could the next epoch of time look like if it was a world beyond man? Suggesting that the way we live, what we leave behind and the kind of ecological disasters we produce are all part of the same topic. I create constellations of small jewel like paintings constructed from layers of oil, egg tempera and graphite on gesso primed boards which are partially eroded through the use of sandpaper and engraving tools. This process is a combination of spontaneous mark making and considered detail which within the context of my subject signifies the excavation of layers of earth and time, revealing lost narratives and social collapse. When viewed collectively, the works form a complex web of signification, where bursts of detail, colour and abstract forms emerge from the distant past and reach into faraway future capturing the complexities of time and perception in the Anthropocene age and speaking of our relationship to nature and the histories and consequences of modern humans’ impact on our biosphere.


Solo Exhibitions

2018, Cataclysms, North Wall Gallery, Oxford   

Group Exhibitions

2017, Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts (RGI) Annual, Mitchell Library, Glasgow 

2017, Fields of Wheat, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 

2017, Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle 

2017, Creative Reactions, Trades Hall, Glasgow 

2017, House for an Art Lover Spring show, Glasgow

2016, Visual Arts Scotland's FLY, RSA building, Edinburgh

2016, Originality, Sichuan Academics Creative Art Museum, Chengdu, China 

2016, Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) Open, RSA building, Edinburgh, 

2016, Exquisite Corpse, St Andrews Museum, St Andrews 

2016, Glasgow School of Art Masters Degree Show, Tontine, Glasgow 

2016, Constant Cravings, Taidelaboratorio Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 

2016, A Camel is a Horse, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow 

2016, No More, Glasgow School of Art Project Space, Glasgow 

2016, Diamonds and Pearls, Glasgow School of Art Project Space, Glasgow 

2016, PRIME, Wall Projects, Montrose 2016, OPEN Studios, Glasgow School of Art, Tontine, Glasgow 

2016, Contemporary Visitor, Hospitalfields House, Arbroath 

2014, Art of Norwich, St Margaret’s Church, Norwich 

2014, New English Art Club Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London 

2014, Anteros Summer Open, Anteros Art Foundation, Norwich 

2014, Wensum Paste-up, St. Stephens Gate Underpass, Norwich 
2012, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Open, Mall Galleries, London 

2010, The National Open Art Competition, The Minerva Gallery, Chichester

Original works:

An Old Horizon

By Jessica Copping


In Time

By Jessica Copping



By Jessica Copping


A Short Drop

By Jessica Copping


Blow Us All Away

By Jessica Copping


Roots and Bones

By Jessica Copping


A Sudden Stop

By Jessica Copping