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Jared Boechler

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University: Apprenticeship
Graduation Year: 2011

New Blood Art Statement

Boechler is a contemporary visual artist. He works and exhibits internationally, including New York, Asia, and Europe.

Boechler was recently recognized at the Governor General History Awards for his work. Boechler’s most significant exhibition to date paired custom-designed scents alongside the original oil paintings they inspired. The olfactory element attached to this body of work introduced a largely new method of working; a process led by scent influence.

His current practice involves the use of traditional, installation, and olfactory art.

Artist Statement


Original works:

Sauna Angels

By Jared Boechler


Do Never

By Jared Boechler


No Strife

By Jared Boechler



By Jared Boechler


Kati in Blue

By Jared Boechler