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Elle Brown

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Degree: BA(Hons) Fine art
University: Falmouth University
Graduation Year: 2020

Artist Statement

Within my work I attempt to dismantle cultural and social discourses through distorting and manipulating the human form. Subversive Biomorphism is the title of my ongoing project inspired by the story of the Greek prophet Tiresias, who is transformed into a woman by Hera. Fragments of the human form, represented through voyeuristic imagery, are pieced together to create androgynous and abstract shapes. Exploring this terrain through collage, print and sculpture, I'm offering a commentary on the fragile and transitory existence of identity.

Group Exhibitions

2020, Sculptili. Materiales. Conceptu, The Fish Factory art space, Penryn
2019, Imagine Falmouth, Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth
2019, Inside Out, The Poly, Falmouth

Original works:

Isolated Form

By Elle Brown

2020 Graduate



By Elle Brown

2020 Graduate


Biomorphic Forms: Triptych

By Elle Brown

2020 Graduate