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Deane James Leith

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Degree: Contemporary Art Practice
University: Gray's School of Art
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Art that literally jumps off the wall – the work of Deane James Leith. An artist who works in the tactile as well as the visual, composing artful objects that refuse to stay tethered to a canvas. A particularly intriguing facet of Leith’s work is his apparent consideration of shadow. As the artist works in a three-dimensional medium, he seems to consider the shadow of his work as part of the final article, working these pale silhouettes into his pieces to great effect. 

Leith attributes one of his inspirations as Francis Bacon; a contemporary, British artist who gained notoriety for his manipulation of shadow and the third dimension. The pair can both be seen isolating a subject in fantastical Pop Art-esque colours, only to portray their subject against a flat background. Allow Deane James Leith to draw you into his third dimension…

Artist Statement

The relationships that are formed through conversations with people, objects and subjects are the vocal point of my practice. The ambition is to better understand the purpose of a relationship, what it means to have felt love, loss and life with something or someone. 

My work tends to display a variety of painted and sculptural forms. Not unlike ‘De Kooning’, my paintings often come forth with overlapping painted layers and are akin to a blend of figurative and abstract expressive work in nature. Through the media I converse with personal memories and current realities to make palpable my inner most feelings to the audience. All I have is viewable within my practice; conjured images of personal idols, accounts of encounters with media, moments of loneliness and the most intimate memories with my closest loved ones. 

Solo Exhibitions

2020, Deep White Room, Foodstory, Aberdeen
2019, BA Degree Show, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen

Group Exhibitions

2019, Sco-Sko, Menada, Skopje
2019, Little Originals, Dock Street Studios, Dundee
2018, An Exhibition Yet to Be Titled, O.T Projektraum, Berlin
2018, Encounters, Vulture Lounge, Aberdeen

Original works:

Lonely, Lonely Love

By Deane James Leith



I didn’t know married life w...

By Deane James Leith


Sold Artworks:

Through our Colourful Sorrow

By Deane James Leith