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Danae Patsalou

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Degree: Falmouth University
University: BA Fine Art
Graduation Year: 2020

New Blood Art Statement

When loneliness creates an inner dialogue, exposing the fibres that hold together the tapestry of a fundamental belief system – we find a process captured beautifully by emerging artist Danae Patsalou.

Patsalou’s work weaves symbols of her Grecian heritage with her own personal talismans, hinting at a narrative of separation and subtle cultural conflict. Figures come to life on her wood panels, surreal blues and russet hues, each with vague and thinly sketched facial features. This use of abstract colouring and stylised profiling lends to Pastalou’s theme of loneliness – everybody becomes a little more anonymous, even the portrait entitled ‘Mother.’

Pastalou’s work is an invite to a particularly sensitive and beautiful personal journey that spans from England to Greece.

Artist Statement

My work talks about the issue of lonesomeness and being away from home. The objects, sculptures and paintings act as a bridge of connection with my family. The work allows me to meet them again metaphorically. Through the exchange of objects, I am creating a dialogue between two places. The dialogue between my cultural beliefs and my own personal belief system, are in conflict. By the using cultural elements from Cyprus and transforming them into personal symbols, I am finding ways of expressing myself and allowing myself to belong to the Cypriot culture in my own way.

Original works:

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By Danae Patsalou

2020 Graduate


The Olive

By Danae Patsalou

2020 Graduate