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Coco Corbisiero

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth University
Graduation Year: 2019

New Blood Art Statement

Trained at Falmouth University, Coco Corbisiero creates energetic and industrial canvases in a wonderfully urban and raw style.

Take, for example, her pieces Auto Lock, Drag and Professional. Each of these paintings made on towering canvases depict a cyberpunk inspired pattern. Captured in a variety of materials: spray paint, mixed media, wood, and canvas. 

Corbisiero appears to share stylistic and technical traits with French Grafitti artist, Combo - and perhaps it was in homage to his work that she created the painting Pluto - as Combo is known for crafting stylised urban artwork depicting Walt Disney's famed cartoon character’s.

Coco Corbisiero is a wonderfully current artist, hovering somewhere between this timeline and the next.

Artist Statement

Images. Caught, encased, encircled.

Navigating our screens and guiding our fingers. 

Our brains move quicker than our fingers. We get bored. Image after image after image.

The edges

Bruised, ripped, transferred, stolen, cropped, edited.  

A state of distraction 

An image is distracting 

Falls into multiplicity 

We are distracted 

Substitute distracted for allusive 

Emerge fade crop

Group Exhibitions

2019, Falmouth Fine Art London, Assembly Point, Peckham
2018, Tristiam & Iseult, Fish Factory, Falmouth

Original works:

Cyber Spy

By Coco Corbisiero


Hey Siri (pause) do you love m...

By Coco Corbisiero


MeltingHeat 2 Captcha

By Coco Corbisiero


Doc 1

By Coco Corbisiero



By Coco Corbisiero


Sold Artworks:


By Coco Corbisiero


Auto Lock

By Coco Corbisiero



By Coco Corbisiero