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Beckie Upton

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Degree: Fine Art (Contemporary Practices)
University: Dartington College of Arts
Graduation Year: 2009

New Blood Art Statement

Gestural and bold, Upton’s work always captures a sense of movement and life. A life-long interest in the natural world is reflected in her work, with specific projects musing on weather mapping, nests, cocoons and life cycles. Indeed, Upton uses her fascination with insects to consider bigger questions about humanity and convey universally understandable concepts and feelings. For example, some of her most recent work has a preoccupation with home and how it’s formed and why we create those spaces. An artist who admits her tendency to throw everything at her art and loves to jump between mediums, her work is often multi-dimensional. Alongside painting she works a lot with ceramic, but the style remains organic and her work generally abstracted. Forever interested in how others perceive abstract work and the audience’s interpretations, Upton’s bright colours and freeness are immediately inviting with a clear, understandable frame of reference.

Artist Statement

I have always had a fascination with the natural sciences and living things, I was the child collecting snails and slow worm skins in jars and learning to label cloud formations and weather patterns. Often I take inspiration from these objects, such as eggs, cocoons and nests and I am intrigued by the creatures that create them. I have a love for organic form, transitions and transformations such as metamorphosis, life-cycles and the temperament of the landscape. As an interdisciplinary artist, I enjoy the process of making itself and prefer to use a variety of methods and materials, often working with many mediums and on multiple projects as any one time. Areas of research include; interdisciplinary making, material & process led practice, chance & experimental design, design thinking, creativity and arts education. I'm predominantly working in ceramics and painting. However, I also make prints, drawings, collage, textile, sculpture and larger scale installation.

Original works:

Purple Skies I

By Beckie Upton



By Beckie Upton


South Georgia Island III

By Beckie Upton


In Time

By Beckie Upton


At a Distance

By Beckie Upton