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Ashleigh Trim

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth
Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement

Placelessness; I aim to remove an identifiable sense of place from the landscape, dissociating it from its actual details and themes and creating a surreal, dreamlike vision. I paint landscapes as a personal diary, places I’ve been, memories I have, and I try to convey those emotions to the viewer, using enhanced colour and altered perspectives. I become fascinated with movement, the shift of an object or the distortion of a reflective surface. I focus on empty space, how this can be used to create form.

Group Exhibitions

2018, Falmouth Fine Art London, Copeland Gallery, London
2018, BA (hons) Fine Art Degree Show, Falmouth University, Falmouth
2018, Flourish, Cardiff M.A.D.E, Cardiff

Original works:

Middle Island

By Ashleigh Trim


Up to your Knees

By Ashleigh Trim


Daisy, Daisy

By Ashleigh Trim


Sun and Flowers

By Ashleigh Trim


The Walk

By Ashleigh Trim