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Alexandra Baraitser

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Degree: MA Painting
University: Chelsea School of Art
Graduation Year: 1995

Artist Statement

Through the process of painting I make my own interpretation of iconic architecture and its associated lifestyle. The fashionable scenes displayed are populated but focus on the non-communication or separation of each figure from the other - which infers an emotional absence. I am hugely inspired by the painter Edward Hopper. My iconic frozen-in-time scenes allow a human presence, but the characters are speechless and isolated. The work shows an interest in the relationship between the figure and the space around them and the silences that this relationship produces. My paintings pay homage to the greatest design classics of the twentieth century. I start by choosing an image from an array of magazines and books (some of which are from as far back as 1939). Then the image is faithfully transcribed into hyperreal paintings. Futuristic design, iconic architectural form, a bridge connecting two cities in two countries: these things are exciting as they create a platform for new experiences. I want to capture a designed object's unique beauty and strength. A new series of canvases are inspired by the 1970s design store Artemide (my source material is old 70s design magazines found at flea markets) and the contemporary design store Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen. I am also a curator with experience curating at ArtKapsule, APT Gallery, Cambridge University, Tripp Gallery and Stour Space. I have exhibited (and am in art collections) all over the world, from Cork Street in London to Tasmania, Australia. I was selected for the final round of judging at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017. Shows include John Moores Painting Prize, British School at Rome, NatWest Art Prize, Kettles Yard, Art Basel, University of Cambridge, Tripp Gallery.


Awards and Prizes: 

Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (2005)

Commissions East, Awards for Artists for mentoring with Rachel Thomas (2001)

Shortlisted for MOMART Fellowship (1999)

NatWest Art Prize (1998)

The Abbey Scholarship in Painting, The British School at Rome (1997)

The John Moores 19 (1996)

The Ray-Finnis Trust Art Funding (1995)

The Florence Trust Studio Award (1995-6)

Collections: Design Centre, Tasmania, J Sainsbury PLC, BP Amoco, Cambridge University (Clare Hall Art Collection).


Selected Exhibitions: 

2018 This Instead of That, Lewisham Arthouse, London
2018 The Sound of Silence, Tripp Gallery, London

2018 Silent Painting, Tripp Gallery, London 

2017 ArtKapsule, Wimpole Street, London 

2017 Desktop, ArtKapsule, London 

2016 Scandinavia, The Library at Willesden Green, London 

2016 Scandinavia: A Celebration of the Nordic Province, The Library Gallery, The Library at Willesden Green, London

2016 Gallery Artists, Modern Vintage, Amsterdam 

2015 The Places We Go, A.P.T Gallery, London with Dan Hays, Stephanie Kingston, Clio-Lloyd Jacob, Julie Fountain and Gunther Herbst 

2015 Human Traces on the Urban Environment, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge 

2015 Human Traces on the Urban Environment,Cambridge University, Clare Hall, Cambridge 

2015 The Places We Go, APT Gallery, London

2014 Alexandra Baraitser, Paintings, Nord Gallery, Cambridge 

2014 In Praise of Shadows, Earsham St Gallery, Bungay, Suffolk 

2013 Human Traces on the Urban Environment, Stour Space, London 

2013 Human Traces on the Urban Environment,Stour Space, London

2007 The Future Past, Mark Jason Gallery, London 

2005 A Century of Chairs, in association with the Design Museum, Shire Hall Gallery, Staffordshire 

2004 High Art: Perspectives, Ashmore Gallery, Art Basel , Miami USA 

2004 Chicago Art Fair, Chicago USA (Hirschl) 

2004 The Mostyn Open,Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno 

2003 Art Fair, Cologne (Hirschl) 

2003 Gallery Artists, The Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden 

2002 Kettles Yard Open, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge 

2002 Rebecca Salter and Alexandra Baraitser, Hirschl Contemporary Art, Cork Street, London 

2002 Home From Home , Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum, Worcester 

2001 Patonworld: The First Twenty Years, Paton Gallery, London 

2000 Beyond the Seen, Paton Gallery, London 

1999 Alexandra Baraitser/Tim Ollivier, Paton Gallery, London 

1999 Kettles Yard Open, Kettles Yard, Cambridge 

1998–1999 Mostyn Open, Oriel Mostyn Art Gallery, Llandudno 

1998 NatWest Art Prize, Lothbury, London 

1998 Nine Past/Nine Present, The Gallery in Cork Street, London 

1996 As It Is: Baraitser and Arnold, The Barbican Art Gallery, London 

1995–1996 The John Moores 19, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 


Solo Exhibitions: 

2006 The Usefulness of Chairs, Design Centre, Tasmania (Travel Scholarship and Studio funded by Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England) 

2004 Alexandra Baraitser Braintree Museum & Town Hall Centre Gallery 

2003 Alexandra Baraitser, Heals, London 

2002 Mobilia, Hirschl Contemporary Art, London 

2002 Alexandra Baraitser New Paintings, Mission Gallery, Swansea 

2000 Out Fit, Conductors Hallway, London 1999 Player, Cable Street Gallery, London 

1997 Fine Art & Architecture, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy (funded by The British Council) 
1996 The Florence Trust

Original works:


By Alexandra Baraitser



Maurer's Subway

By Alexandra Baraitser


Artichoke Lamp

By Alexandra Baraitser


View Through Glass

By Alexandra Baraitser



By Alexandra Baraitser


The Perfect 50s Housewife

By Alexandra Baraitser


Donald Judd's Bedroom

By Alexandra Baraitser


Charles and Ray Eames at Home ...

By Alexandra Baraitser


A Testament to Life

By Alexandra Baraitser


Sold Artworks:

Poul Henningsen in the Demonst...

By Alexandra Baraitser