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Aleksander Grzybek

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Degree: BA Fine Art
University: Falmouth Univeristy
Graduation Year: 2018

Artist Statement

The artist uses motifs taken from everyday situations. The range of the objects is varied from literal depiction to de-objectification form, sometimes unclear but simplified. These motifs often repeated in paintings have a function. The subject of the paintings is not the motif presented in the painting or the critical tool but it acts as some sort of pictorial subterfuge to encourage the viewer to see and points away throughout this meaningful object. Nevertheless, brain always tries to connect the visual picture which we see with a familiar object or something that we already have seen. In the scientific world, this phenomenon is called Pareidolia. It provokes the viewer to find an interpretation to relate to an experienced or known subject. This interpretation is a part of the game for the audiences where the actual final thought where paintings leading to is to understand that this is not the meaning as such.


2018 BA Fine Art Degree show, Falmouth University
2018 The Thrown Gauntlet”, Penryn
2017 Dekadencja / Sklepik z pamiÄ…tkami” , Warsaw, Poland
2016 Archieve 32, Derby
2018 Porthmeor Studios Residency, St Ives

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By Aleksander Grzybek




By Aleksander Grzybek


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By Aleksander Grzybek