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20th Aug 2015

Artists & Studios: DURA

“I illustrate female figures combined with nature and intricate patterns and hair lines in a modish, delicate, whimsical way and beautiful to look at. My theme revolves around femininity, fragility, vulnerability and grace but also represent my girls in a confident manner.”




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Pilgrims on the Road to Meaning: Rob Lyon
31st May 2016

In his Reith lectures Grayson Perry called artists “Pilgrims on the Road to Meaning”. At New Blood Art we wanted to gain insight into our artists...

Artists & Studios: Irma Irsara
04th Mar 2016

Invigorating colour pulses out from the horizons of Irma Irsara’s work. Using an unusual blend of cotton pulp and dye, Irsara creates an idiosyncratic...

‘Cycles of Desire’ Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf’s solo show
06th Feb 2016

This was the first of two solo shows I have coming up this year. The opportunity to use an entire Gallery space to show a body of work is valuable on...

Artists & Studios: Lindsay Mapes
05th Feb 2016

"I am concerned with the visual and conceptual aspects of erasure, obfuscation, obstruction and secrecy. My work is largely autobiographical - borne from...

Artists & Studios: Melanie Norris
03rd Feb 2016


Artists & Studios: Teo Klein- Velderman
02nd Dec 2015

"I have lived in a city most my life and painting offers me a place to exist in beyond the urban. Marks, signs and symbols from around me are appropriated...

Artists & Studios: Orlanda Broom
02nd Dec 2015

"My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that exist as part of a fantastical, re-imagined place. I have applied a hyper, saturated view of the...

Artists & Studios: David OM
02nd Dec 2015


Artists & Studios: Birgitte Lykke Madsen
24th Nov 2015

"In my work I try to connect to the viewer´s experiences; both to this very moment and to their recalled memories. I try to make them be aware of their...

Artists & Studios: Wayne Sleeth
19th Nov 2015

"Primarily, l'm working according to my 'synaesthetics' of places lived, frequented or visited fleetingly. Neither landscapes nor seascapes, I ambiguously...

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